Our Fees & Price Transparencies


The fees detailed below show our minimum pricing for the main services and/or application types we can assist with. The prices may be lower or higher depending on the particular circumstances of the case.

Please note that our legal fees do not include, Home Office, Immigration Healthcare Surcharge, interpreting and translation and barrister fees and any other disbursements.

Our standard fees are as stated below:

Matter Fees Start At (NON-VAT)



Dependants Of Tier 1 General Migrant £2,500
ILR Tier 1 General £3,000
Entry Clearance as an investor £8,500
Dependants Of Tier 1 Entrepreneur £2,500
Entry Clearance As Tier 1 Exceptional Talent £3,000
ILR As Tier 1 Exceptional Talent £3,000
Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa Extension £2,500
Dependants Of Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur £1,500
Entry Clearance As Tier 1 Investor £5,000
Switching Into Tier 1 Investor Visa £5,000
Tier 1 Investor Visa Extension £5,000
ILR As Tier 1 Investor £5,000
Entry Clearance As Tier 2 General Migrant £2,500
Switching Into Tier 2 General £4,500
Tier 2 General Extension £3,500
ILR Tier 2 General £3,000
Dependants Of Tier 2 General Migrant £3,500
Entry Clearance As Tier 2 Minister Of Religion £2,000
Switching Into Tier 2 Minister Of Religion £4,000
Tier 2 Minister Of Religion Visa Extension £3,000
ILR Tier 2 Minister Of Religion £2,500
Dependants Of Tier 2 Minister Of Religion £2,500
Entry Clearance As Tier 2 Sportsperson £2,500
Switching Into Tier 2 Sportsperson £2,500


Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa Extension £2,500
ILR Tier 2 Sportsperson £2,500
Dependants Of Tier 2 Sportsperson £2,500
Entry Clearance As Domestic Worker £2,500
Domestic Worker Visa Extension £2,000
ILR Domestic Worker £3,500
Dependants Of Domestic Worker £3,000
Entry Clearance As A Sole Representative Of Overseas Business £9,000
Sole Representative Visa Extension £3,000
ILR As Sole Representative £8,000
Dependants Of Sole Representatives £1,500
Dependants Of A Person With UK Ancestry Visa £1,500
ILR UK Ancestry £2,000
UK Ancestry Visa Extension £1,500
Entry Clearance – UK Ancestry Visa £2,500



EEA Family Permit As Family Member of An EEA National £2,500
Residence Card As Family Member Of An EEA National £1,500
Retaining Right Of Residence As Family Member Of An EEA National After Divorce Or Death Of The EEA National £2,500
Derivative Residence Card As A Primary Carer £2,500
Residence Card As Extended Family Member Of An EEA National £2,500
Registration Certificate As An EEA National £2,500

Permanent Residence (PR) As An EEA National


ILR – 10 Years Long Residence (Same Day Visa Service) £4,000
Extension Of Stay – 10 Years Long Residence £3,000
Dependants Of Tier 4 General Students £2,500
Tier 4 General Student Extension £2,500
Switching Into Tier 4 General Student £2,500
Entry Clearance – Tier 4 General Student £2,500
Switching Into Tier 4 Child Student £3,000

Entry Clearance – Tier 4 Child Student


Asylum Claim £3,000
Family Reunion £2,500
DL Application £2,500
ILR – Humanitarian Protection £1,600
ILR As A Refugee £1,800
Naturalisation as A British Citizen £1,200
Registration Of A Child As British Citizen – MN1 Application £1800


Registration Of A Child As British Citizen Who Was Born In The UK

And Has Lived In The UK For 10 Years


UKM Application



Visitor Visa UK


Discretionary Leave £2500
Bail Application to the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO) £2000
Bail Application to the Immigration Judge at Asylum and Immigration Tribunal £3000
Subject Access Request (SAR) £2,500
Returning Resident Visa UK £800
TOC Application £700
NTL Application



Administrative Review £1,000

Drafting grounds of appeal £600


First Tier Tribunal hearing




UK spouse visa                                                                              £2,500

Spouse visa extension                                                                 £2,500

FLR FP                                                                                            £2,500

Spouse (settlement)                                                                   £2,500



Pre Action Protocol letter to UKBA £1,500
Paper Application To Upper Tribunal For Permission To Apply For Judicial Review (JR) £2,500

Renewal Of An Application For Permission To Apply For Judicial

Review (JR) Against The Home Office, UKBA

Judicial Review Against The Home Office, UKVI Following Grant Of Permission To Apply For Judicial Review (JR) £3,000
Emergency Injunction To Stop Removal From The UK £3,000



Divorce petition                                                                             £15,00

Child arrangements order                                                            £3,000

Financial Orders                                                                            £4,000


We understand the complexities involved with being an executor or the administrator of an estate. Many people chose to be legally represented but become confused with the legal fees and costs. On this page we shall give you an overview of our probate services together with the costs.


What probate services will I be billed for?

Each case is different; therefore, we will assess your case during the initial consultation and advise you in relation to the support required in your particular matter. Once we have been instructed and you are happy to proceed, we shall be able to offer you the following legal services:

  • Taking initial instructions, document review, together with initial advice from the very beginning
  • Preparation of legal documents, grant applications in order to obtain a Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration;
  • Contacting third parties, collecting assets, paying any estate liabilities in accordance with the will or as stipulated by the rules of intestacy if no will was made

What is the probate cost?

The cost depends on the individual circumstances. Once we have assessed your matterwe will be able to advise you about the best option for you. Call us today so that one of our solicitors can provide you with an estimate.

Our administration of estate fees vary between 2.5% to 4% of the value (gross) of the estate, however this may vary based upon the estate itself.  Our solicitors will inform you about any increase to our estimated fees before carrying out any further work.

For straightforward grant applications we offer a fixed fee of £1,500 (plus disbursements). Please note that if your case has more complexities, a fee uplift will be charged.  The uplift will be agreed with you in advance.

Hourly rates:

Hourly rates vary from £150 to £350 depending on the case, and the lawyers experience.

Can my legal fees for probate be paid from the estate?

If you are the executor or administrator, you may decide to pay for the legal representation and professional fees from the actual estate.


Do you have any questions about the fees for probate?

Our solicitors are ready to assist you.  Feel free to contact us online or via telephone 0121 246 5942 to speak to us.